March 5, 2022

U-center Corona Measures

U-center closely follows the guidelines set by the Dutch Government and national mental health care in the interest of the health of our clients and colleagues. Consult this page for our current guidelines.

Communication center

Communication center

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Current Corona Rules

After almost two years of experiencing the impact of the coronavirus, we have learned how difficult it is to deal with measures that limit our daily lives. However, we must continue to pay attention to prevent infecting each other. The virus is still here. Therefore it remains crucial to follow the government guidelines to limit the spread of the virus. Such as:

  • wash your hands,
  • cough and sneeze in your elbow,
  • do not shake hands,
  • keep your distance or wear a face mask in crowded places,
  • ensure adequate ventilation
  • do a self-test regularly,
  • testing in case of complaints
  • and getting a vaccine and, or booster shot.

Mouth masks & other materials

At U-center, materials such as mouth caps, disinfection gel, and screens remain available. Please ask an employee of the service center if you want to use these in the treatment center.


On indication, clients will receive tests on arrival. Of course, you may also get requested to take a test during your stay at U-center if necessary.

Should the situation change, we will immediately discuss the measures and re-introduce them (partially) if necessary.

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