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Do you suffer from burnout complaints, are you overstrained by long-term stress and overload and do you have other underlying psychological problems? In our treatment center you can recover through an intensive and short-term process.

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Long-term stress complaints

We all have to deal with periods when we experience more stress than usual. When such a period lasts too long, your body no longer recovers from the amount of stress. You are constantly "on" and in survival mode, with the result that you become overloaded and exhausted. There is no more room for reflection, making contact, processing, standing still and enjoying. People with these complaints have less confidence in their personal abilities than before the complaints started. 

Somatic symptom disorder or depression

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When the stress and overload persist for too long, you can become overworked. You can recover from this fairly quickly by taking a rest. If you ignore this and keep going while you're already overworked, you can burn out completely. In popular language, people then speak of a burnout, but that is not an official diagnosis. The treatment of a burnout is not covered by the reimbursement of the basic insurance. A burnout can be a reason to investigate a medical indication. This will have to be researched carefully. We therefore recommend that you contact our communication center.

Our approach

First of all, we will have to properly investigate through an extensive screening what is going on. Check our registration procedure here.

Our treatment is aimed at gaining insight into the development of problems and changes in functioning at different levels. Cognitive behavioral therapy supplemented with other interventions form the basis for changing behavioral patterns. We also pay attention to underlying personality traits, such as far-reaching perfectionism and excessive sense of responsibility. This takes place in a team with several practitioners, tailored to your situation. The integrated approach and the frequency of the treatment sessions ensure that you quickly regain yourself, learn to relax and maintain a balance between effort, relaxation and rest. We help build your resilience and improve your physical condition.

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