Addiction treatment

Are you looking for a suitable treatment for your addiction? If you can't stop using certain substances or behaviors, it can significantly disrupt your life. At U-center, we treat the person, not just the addiction. In a short and intensive treatment, you will regain control of your life.

Intensive therapy

Addiction treatment

If you are looking for addiction treatment, U-center provides assistance with clinical treatment when you can't get a grip on your urge to use certain substances or behaviors. During your treatment, your treatment plan is based on several basic interventions. For addiction, this primarily includes detox and cognitive behavioral therapy. Additional interventions include body-oriented treatments, expressive therapies, and interventions aimed at lifestyle changes. Individual sessions, group therapy, partner relationship, and systemic therapy are also utilized.

It is important to become active again and establish a daily routine, structure, and physical fitness during your treatment. We always take into account underlying factors such as your environment, personality, and other possible causes.

What is addiction

How can I overcome my addiction?

If you want to overcome your addiction, the first step is to acknowledge that you are addicted to certain substances or behaviors. Overcoming addiction is extremely difficult, so it's important to seek help. Maybe you've already tried to quit or reduce your usage or have undergone various therapies, but despite all the help, you still can't get a grip on your addiction.

Sometimes, outpatient care isn't enough to overcome addiction, and it's beneficial to stay in a different environment during your treatment. At U-center, you begin with admission to the clinic and we will guide you to find suitable outpatient follow-up treatment in your own neighbourhood or via online sessions. During your initial contact with us, we explain how the admission procedure works, and we assess together whether U-center can provide a suitable treatment for you.

During a short-term admission at U-center, you receive comprehensive addiction treatment, and we also look at underlying factors that maintain your addiction. In our clinic for multiple conditions, we work not only on your addiction but also on the underlying causes.

Addiction and comorbidity


We never promise an easy solution because it doesn't exist. Overcoming addiction is a major challenge, but it's not impossible.

Hans Zander, addiction physician at U-center

U-center offers help with your addiction

How does U-center treat your addiction?

Treating your addiction is part of a broader approach focused on your entire life. Our treatment is mainly practical in nature. So we don't just offer theories, but directly applicable changes. U-center has 12 years of experience in treating addictions.

During treatment at U-center, you actively work on yourself. In addition to your addiction, we also look at underlying problems that play a role in your dependence. Often with addiction, there are multiple problems at play. Think of a combination of depression, anxiety, trauma, or another addiction. There may be other causes or consequences that maintain your symptoms.

All of this requires customization. That is why we work from an integrated approach, in which we take everything that influences your life and drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or behavioral addiction into account. Think of your personality, relationships, family situation, work, and physical health. Together with the treatment team, you explore the causes of your addiction and change behavior patterns that maintain your symptoms with new insights.

Causes Addiction
Treatment for behavioral addiction

Treatment for behavioral addiction

At U-center, you will receive personalized treatment for your behavioral addiction. We treat you as a person, not just your diagnosis. Overcoming a gambling addiction, sex addiction, gaming addiction, or social media addiction can be very difficult. Together, we work with you to stop or reduce the behavior and change the patterns that maintain the symptoms. We investigate the underlying problems and causes of the problem. Your social life also plays an important role in treatment. We strengthen your mental state and help you find a healthy balance.

Clinical admission for addiction

In an intensive program, we do everything we can to help you make progress in a short amount of time. We also expect a lot of effort from you. Inpatient treatment offers the benefits of a short, intensive, and integrated treatment for all conditions at the same time. 

You will stay in our clinic in Epen for seven weeks. In a personal treatment plan, you determine what you want to achieve and how you and your treatment team will achieve it during your admission. The hospitable environment and numerous facilities within the clinic ensure that you have all the space you need to work on yourself.

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Take control of your addiction

U-center treats your addiction intensively and integrally through clinical admission treatment. During your treatment, you will work with a team of therapists to address your addiction and underlying factors.

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