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Sex addiction

When you have a compulsive need for sex, you may have a sex addiction. We help you find a healthy balance so that sex can once again play a positive role in your life.

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When are you addicted to sex

Am I addicted to sex

When are you addicted to sex?

What exactly is sex addiction and when do we call it an addiction? With a sex addiction, you have an excessive urge for sex or watching pornography. This urge becomes increasingly stronger and has a negative impact on your daily life. Often, your need cannot be satisfied and your addiction comes at the cost of yourself, your relationships, and your work. It can sometimes be difficult to determine if there is a sex addiction. However, there are some characteristics of sex addiction that indicate obsessive sexual behavior, such as engaging in more extreme sexual behavior or neglecting other aspects of your life for your addiction.

When are you addicted?

Symptoms of sex addiction

Common symptoms of sex addiction include:

  • Your urge for sex or watching pornography dominates all other aspects of your life and comes at the cost of your daily life.
  • Your sexual behavior becomes increasingly extreme, frequent, and has negative consequences.
  • You use sex or pornography as an escape from negative feelings or problems in your life.
  • You give up your relationships and social life for your sex addiction.
  • Attempts to stop or reduce your behavior are unsuccessful.
  • You feel increasingly disconnected from your life partner.

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When are you addicted to sex?

What is a sex addiction?

Having a lot of sex does not necessarily mean that you are addicted to sex. This also does not have to do with your sex drive or libido. However, the amount of time you spend on it can be a signal. What is a sex addiction then? We speak of a sex addiction when you have an obsessive desire for sex, despite the negative consequences.

The way this manifests can vary greatly from person to person, such as visiting sex workers, having affairs, watching porn, or masturbation. When this desire for sex comes at the expense of your daily life, it may be time to seek help. In an intensive treatment at U-center, we help you break your patterns.

What is addiction?

Causes of sex addiction or porn addiction

A sex addiction is often the result of a build-up of problems or circumstances during childhood. For example, there may have been a strict taboo surrounding sexuality in the past and education on the subject was avoided at all costs. Traumatic events such as physical or sexual violence, abuse, or exposure to (abnormal) sexual behavior can also be the cause of a sex addiction.

Causes of addiction
sex addiction

Consequences of sex addiction

A sex addiction can have negative consequences for yourself and your surroundings. Just like with any other behavioral addiction or substance addiction, an addiction to sex or watching porn often comes at the expense of your work and relationships. It is common for an (untreated) sex addiction to eventually lead to a relationship break-up or divorce.

A sex addiction can also lead to physical risks, such as STDs. Someone with a sex addiction often experiences shame and guilt feelings, leading to depressive feelings. Despite having uncontrollable needs, they may not feel able to share this with anyone. This can make it even harder to seek help, creating a vicious cycle.

How does U-center treat your sex addiction?

Help for sex addiction

Seeking help for mental health problems or addiction is not easy, especially when the problem is intimate, such as with sex addiction. The symptoms of sex addiction can also be difficult to recognize, and the addiction to sex or pornography often arises in combination with other issues. At U-center, we therefore treat your sex addiction simultaneously with underlying factors in a short and intensive treatment. Through various treatments, you will work on your sex addiction and regain control over your life.

Treatment for addiction

Take control of your sex addiction at U-center

At U-center, we offer clinical treatment for sex addiction. During your treatment, you will work with a team of therapists to address your addiction and underlying factors.

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